IGK 511

Butyl Primary Sealant

IGK 511 is a single-component, thermoplastic, solvent-free, UV-stable sealant made from polyisobutylene, which has been developed especially for the primary sealing of insulating glass panes.

IGK 511 is characterised by its very high level of adhesion and impermeability. It adheres outstandingly to glass, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel.

IGK 511 impresses with its very rapid melting, high output  yield and a constant application volume over a very wide temperature range.


200 kilogram drums
7.4 kilogram cylinder
2.5 kilogram cylinder
1.1 kilogram cylinder


At least 2 years when stored between +10°C and +25°C


The same conditions apply for both storage and transportation.

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