IGK 611

Thermoplastic Spacer (TPS®)

IGK 611 is a single-component, thermoplastic, solvent-free spacer made from polyisobutylene, which was developed especially for use in TPS® systems.

IGK 611 is characterised by its outstanding flow and excellent adhesion to glass, both when applied hot and with the subsequent grouting of the cold pane. The excellent adhesion between IGK 611 and the polyurethane secondary sealant IGK 130 means the edge seal is also mechanically stiffened in the insulated glazing unit.

The product can be pumped very well and has a high level of stability up to a height of 20 millimetres.

In addition, IGK is the only manufacturer whose Thermoplastic Spacer® can be combined with both polysulfide and polyurethane – an economic alternative that has been proven for many years.


200 kilogram drums


At least 1 year when stored between +10°C and +25°C


The same conditions apply for both storage and transportation.

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