IGK 711 XL Reactive Warm-Melt

IGK 711 is a top-class, one-component, reactive warm-melt, tailor-made for use as a secondary sealant for insulating glass systems. It is best suited for box, flexible foam and U-shaped spacers made from metal or metal/plastic combinations.

The focus in the development of this new product was placed on homogeneous and rapid melting combined with cooling behavior even at low temperatures – along with a rapid build-up of initial strength and improved adhesion to glass and spacers.

Powerful initial adhesion paired with high stickiness characterize its use on spacers and glass. As IGK 711 XL reaches room temperature, it offers high strength to ensure the mechanical stability for early transport of the IG unit. After a short time, the reactive component transforms the warm melt into a material that can no longer be melted.


200 liter (55 gallon) barrel


Can be stored for at least 1 year at +10°C to +25°C (+50°-+77°F).

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